Park(ing) Day- Reduce. Reuse. Rethink. the bigwaha way

SONY DSC9/20/13 Friday, September 20th marked the 8th annual International Park(ing) Day. This was the second year that Bignell Watkins Hasser participated in Annapolis. Park(ing) Day started in 2005 in San Francisco and simply asks people to think about what a little more green space can mean to a city.

This year our theme was “Reduce. Reuse. Rethink. the bigwaha way”. The team tried to re-purpose everyday materials resulting in unique alternatives. For example we used cardboard tubes to make a fence as well as a chair. Plastic water bottles gained new life as miniature vases that we hung on our green screen as well as large stemmed flowers that we placed on the tube fence. Mandy made a bench out of reclaimed pallets and Eric graciously volunteered the use of his homemade cornhole boards. Finally, carpet squares created a solid foundation for our cornhole game we had set up.

Overall, the space was very well received in the community. Lots of kids stopped by to try out the chair and more than a few beanbags were tossed around. More importantly we were able to give some ideas to others about re-purposing and reusing normal household trash. Special thanks to the entire committee for their help in creating, organizing and making the space a reality.