Waterloo Fire Station Wins 2023 NACo Achievement Award and Achieves LEED Gold Certification

In addition to achieving LEED Gold Certification, Waterloo Fire Station was awarded “Best in Category” in the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Category at the 2023 National Association of Counties Achievement Awards.

Excerpt: “The Department of Public Works recently completed the design and construction of the new Waterloo Fire Station. This state-of-the-art facility was built to meet the demands of a modern firefighting force and enhance community safety. In addition, the LEED Gold certified building was designed to better meet the needs and well-being of the fire personnel. The Waterloo Fire Station has three apparatus bays, efficient office space for operations individualized sleeping areas, and shared locker space with private bathrooms for all firefighters, a covered patio, a gym and living/ dining area with a kitchen for communal meals. To ensure maximum sanitation and safety, an innovative gear locker system with built-in exhaust was implemented. To strengthen community service, the fire station also incorporates a satellite police suite, fostering synergy between the fire department and law enforcement for a more effective and coordinated response to local needs. The Waterloo Fire Station represents a significant achievement in public safety infrastructure and interdepartmental collaboration. Its advanced design and features contribute to the improved health, safety, and efficiency of both firefighters and law enforcement personnel.”

Waterloo Fire Station | National Association of Counties (naco.org)