This Class A three-story office building located in Fairfax County is 36,000 square feet. The building skin is a subtle palette of red and pastel rose brick and Low-E framed windows and curtain-walls that are that is complemented by the custom ironwork detailing of the canopy and spandrel panels. The entrance lobby features polished and flamed granite flooring, maple paneling and custom built light fixtures and coffered ceilings. The project is LEED Silver Certified.

The arched window at the top of the central feature clearly identifies the entrance, it is a true usable space. It provides an extended clerestory window for the top floor thus providing ample daylight and a dramatic interior space with an arched cathedral ceiling.

Project Address:

6410 Beulah Street, Alexandra, Virginia 22310

Sq Ft:


General Contractor:

L.F. Jennings