The White Plains IV Office Building is a 3 story, 20,000 SQ. FT. core-shell building located in southern Maryland.  This project is part of an existing office complex located next to multiple large office buildings off of Route 301.

The goal of the design for White Plains IV was to create a project that would relate to the existing White Plains office complex, yet provide a sense of enhancement in the detail. This project draws the human eye from Route 301 to the visible curved metal panel and storefront feature. The enhancement of detail includes architecturally designed steel canopies, capitols, and a striation blend of brick decorating the façade.

Amenities and features also include a full solar panel roof system with large views of the exterior from within. The overall package of the design compliments back both to the existing office building, as well as the surrounding town.

Project Address:

5010 Regency Place, White Plains, MD 20695

Sq Ft:



Brandywine Company Properties

General Contractor:

Scheibel Construction